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Exclusive patented lid with gas separator
Consistent starting performance
Extremely low rate of self-discharge
Longer lifetime by minimizing vibrations
30% more starting power

Applications: Cars and Light Vehicles


Sealed maintenance free calcium technology
Optimum capacity with DIN containers
No maintenance during service life
High reliability for modern trucks
Low self-discharge for long storage 

Applications: Trucks, Caravans, Buses, Tractions and Generator Starting


Marine-Dual Purpose

Marine & Leisure craft use
Dual terminal (Conventional and butterfly –screw type)
Sealed lid (Leak / spill proof tip-tilt)
45° tilt angle
Improved resistant to vibration
Deep cycle
Integrated Flame arrestor
State of charge indicator (soci)


Higher cold cranking power Motorcycle battery
Maintenance free closed type with acid bottle
Immediate activation – Long service time
Covers new motorcycles with high reliability
Absorbed Glass Matt technology
Maintenance free
Dry pre-charged with fitting acid pack
High capacity and cranking performance
Robust and vibration resistant
Option for factory
Activated, Ready to use (close type) battery



Lead acid cycle resistance range
Semi traction with flat plate design
Deep cycle with American traction plate design
Deep Cycle with tubular plate design
Plates of increased thickness with higher corrosion resistance
Long service life under repeated discharge-charge cycles

Applications: Electric vehicles, Solar photovoltaic systems - aeolic for home applications, Floor sweeping machines - Lawnmowers - Wheelchairs, Marine service and starting applications, Signaling road lightning - Taxis, Trucks heavy duty with high energy requirements


The ATLAS advanced range, designed to meet internationally-recognised, European EN standards, is distinguished by its high tolerance to cycling and long float charge life. The guaranteed performance and reliability of the range is ensured by the advantage of an optimised, plate design featuring tubular plate technology. The specifications of the ATLAS EPzS cells make the batteries ideal for a wide range of applications, such as mobile lifting platforms, electric road vehicles, emergency lightening etc.


VRLA (Valve Regulates Lead Acid)

Sealed lead acid rechargeable AGM batteries
For general use both for cyclic and stand by
Robust construction - Maintenance Free
Low self-discharge - High recovery capacity
Designed service: 4-10 years

Applications: UPS power supply systems, Home alarms - security, Emergency back up power supply, Fire alarm devices, Emergency lighting, Electric toys-CATV, Sightseeing tour carts - Golf carts

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